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Investment Models

Bespoke specialises in development and investment funding models for residential property portfolios.  Bespoke is at the forefront of promoting residential property including affordable housing as an asset class.

BPG has been involved with the HCA and British Property Federation in the work undertaken on the Private Rented Sector Initiative.  Bespoke is currently working on a number of schemes to bring forward large scale residential investment.

BPG interfaces with all members of the financial community from investment banks providing debt, through mezzanine financiers to equity providers such as pension funds and investment funds.  We are able to model a range of scenarios to achieve the client’s aims and meet funder’s expectations.

Bespoke Residential Investment Model

To assist Developers and Investors in assessing residential property for investment purposes BPG has developed the Bespoke Residential Investment Model (BRIM).  BRIM allows the user to assess:

  • The residual value of the land to be developed
  • The Investment returns for residential property retained on the site over a 20 year period

BRIM allows the user to model a comprehensive range of assumptions including RPI, House Price Inflation, Rental Inflation, Debt interest rates and to change these over user-defined periods.

The model can also be used to assess existing rental stock portfolios and in particular Affordable Housing.

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