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Our Services

Here at Bespoke Property Consultants we offer professional advice on the following:

S106 – Financial Viability in the Planning Process

Bespoke can provide financial appraisals to determine the appropriate level of affordable housing and S.106 contributions for schemes on which a planning application is to be made.  We carry out our appraisals and reporting based on RICS guidance, the Harman Review and the manuals for the HCA EAT and the GLA Toolkit. Read more.

Affordable Housing

Bespoke is able to advise local planning authorities on the policy context and evidence for affordable housing.  Bespoke is also able to advise planning applicants on the unit type and tenures that will meet the local authority’s housing needs whilst maintaining the scheme’s financial viability.  Bespoke also carries out the sale of affordable housing from developers to registered providers. Read more.

Property Development Consultancy

Bespoke is able to advise land owners from the initial concept of a scheme through to implementation.  Bespoke can project manage the consultant team required to make a planning application and to deliver the scheme on behalf of a land owner.  Bespoke specialises in dealing with sites with particular difficulties which require innovative solutions. Read more.

Property Investment Modelling

Bespoke has been at the forefront of providing investment models to property investors and developers.  They have worked with the BPF, HCA, DCLG and other stakeholders to encourage the now blooming build-to-rent sector. Read more.