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S106 Economic Viability in the Planning Process

Bespoke are leading experts and consultants on all aspects of S106 economic viability assessments and are appointed by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) as co-authors of the HCA Economic Appraisal Tool (EAT).  We also provide training to local authorities about affordable housing and S106 negotiation, with particular reference to financial viability. This is a crucial part of the planning process for all those involved.

We cover all aspects of affordable housing and S106 assessments.

Services from BPC

BPC can help with the following aspects:

  • Financial viability appraisals (FVAs)
  • Reports on the assumptions and methodology of the FVA
  • Sensitivity testing and analysis
  • S.106 Negotiations (including assistance with drafting the agreement)
  • Training seminars on viability in the Planning Policy Context
  • Individual Training on viability appraisals and inputs
  • Financial Modelling

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